Welcome to “What We’re Reading This Week” where I talk about the books me and the kids are currently reading. My goal is to have weekly kids book reviews where you can find some ideas for new books to read to your little monsters.

We read a lot of picture books and usually have a chapter book going as well, however, we have kind of been slacking on the chapter books the last few weeks.

What the kids are reading:

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1. Big Bad Bubble by Adam Rubin & Daniel Salmieri

If you love goofy, easy to read, light hearted books then you are going to love Big Bad Bubble. This is by the same author who wrote Dragons Love Tacos (if you haven’t read it, you really should). Basically, you’ve got these scared monsters who live in La La Land. One of the monsters had an incident with bubble gum and now he talks about the dangers of bubbles all the time. The other monsters are scared even though they’ve never actually had any interaction with a bubble. The story concludes when the monsters finally figure out that bubbles are not, in fact, evil.

The monsters are silly and so are their names which really makes it a fun book to read. I love that once the monsters act bravely and interact with the bubbles themselves they see that there is nothing to be scared of. Often times, in our own lives, we fear things that we’ve never even encountered and this book shows how we can act bravely and experience things rather than fear them.

The full page illustrations in this book are bold, vivid and a whole lot of fun.

The suggested age for this book is 4-7 but my 8 year old still enjoys hearing it.

2. My Princess Boy by Cheryl Kilodavis

My 3 and 5 year old kids really like My Princess Boy. It tells a story of the author’s 4 year old son who likes to wear girls clothing and what life is like for him. It speaks a lot about acceptance and love for people who are different than ourselves. It also talks about how much it hurts when people say mean and hurtful things. The lesson of this book of withholding judgement is great for parent and child alike.

I know that this book may not be within everyone’s comfort zone, but I find the lesson it teaches to be very important.

Use this book as a jumping off point to talk to your child about the many differences among people. This doesn’t have to be anything in depth just a general conversation about how everyone is unique and that’s OK would suffice.

Some people are put off by the lack of faces in the book but my kids don’t seem at all bothered by it.

The suggested age for this book is 4-8.

3. I Wonder by Annaka Harris

It’s possibly that I love this book more than my kids do. I Wonder shows us that it’s OK to not understand everything. Every child has a list of questions a mile long. They ask their questions and sometimes we can’t answer them, sometimes there just isn’t a good answer. This book allows you to see the beauty in uncertainty and the act of wondering. It shows how we are all connected by the mysterious of this world.

The illustrations in this book are absolutely stunning with an almost dream like quality to them.

The suggested age for this book is 1+.

4. Otto The Story of a Mirror by Ali Bahrampour

The book tells the story of a mirror who works at a hat shop. He gets so bored of reflecting the customers day in and day out. Soon Otto begins to play tricks on the customers and that upsets the hat maker and a very important customer. Otto runs away and ends up on the adventure he’s always dreamed of.

The story is quite silly but really speaks of chasing your dreams no matter how outrageous they may seem.

The illustrations in this book are cute with a lot of small details.

If you are looking for a fun activity to pair with this book try making a silly hat. Pull out some construction paper, scissors, glue and small embellishments and work together with your child to make a silly hat that you might find in Mr. Topper’s shop.

The suggested age for this book is 4-8.

What Mama is reading:

I’ll admit that it takes me a while to get through a book. I think I’ve read a total of 10 books this year and that’s a lot for me. I have a hard time finding time to read during the day and at night it tends to put me to sleep. My husband got me hooked on audio books this year and that’s been my saving grace.

I tend to read dystopian novels and anything paranormal. I’m a sucker for vampires. I use reading as an escape from the real world and, as such, I tend to choose fiction over non-fiction.

Dead Beat by Jim Butcher

Right now I’m stuck in the middle of The Dresden Files books. They are great and I love that James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) narrates them. They have some language and are a little smutty at times but they are great. So, if you’re into paranormal books set in modern times give this a go.

What are you and the kids currently reading? We’re always looking for suggestions for great kids books!

Love, Cassie


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