While I’ve never made a wreath before I had an overwhelming desire to attempt one for Halloween this year. I had several Halloween wreath ideas going through my head but my only concrete thoughts were that I DID NOT want to use the same mesh that everyone else is using and I DID NOT want to spend a small fortune on supplies. Seriously, I am so tired of the mesh wreaths, I mean they are cute but everyone has them. I knew I wanted something big, busy and sparkly. Something involving a skull would be icing on the cake. The only logical thing to do at this point was to head to Hobby Lobby and see what I could come up with.

As I perused the Halloween decor a glittery skeleton caught my eye. He was perfect but pretty big for a wreath. I threw him in the basket anyway, if nothing else I could just hang him on the porch. A little further down I found the wreath frames right next to feather boas in festive colors. Something about all the feathers got me really excited. I could see the wreath coming together in my head…feathers and glitter, the perfect combo. I grabbed a couple of boas, a wreath frame, a few crazy looking picks, a small sign made for a flower pot and some sparkly pom-poms and headed home. Since all of the Halloween stuff was on sale for 40% off I only spent around $25 on the supplies which seemed reasonable enough to me.

This project only took me about an hour and a half from start to finish and that included me watching TV while I put it together.  Take a look at the tutorial below to learn how to make your own Feather Boa Halloween Wreath.

As a side note, everyone knows that glitter is like the herpes of the craft world but no one talks about how damn messy the feathers on a cheap boa are. Seriously, there are tiny little pieces of black feathers everywhere…EVERYWHERE.

1 wreath frame2 feather boas
LOTS of small zip ties in a color that coordinates with your boas
Hot melt glue gun & glue sticks
Wire cutters if you are using picks
Embellishments of your choice – I am using a good sized jointed skeleton, small sign, a couple of picks and assorted sizes of sparkly pom poms

Step-by-step instructions:
Step 1: Gather your supplies.
step one gather supplies

Step 2: Prepare your wreath frame.
If it has the pipe cleaners attached to it straighten them out so they are out of the way.
step 2 prep frame

Step 3: Start attaching the first boa to the inner most circle of the frame using zip ties.
I add a zip tie ever 2-3 inches to keep it tight and hide the wire frame better.
step 3 attach boa

Step 4: Attach the second boa to the outer part of the frame and trim all zip ties down where they are no longer visible.
At this point I also curled the pipe cleaners around my fingers to create small sparkly springs in the wreath.
*The cut zip ties can get kind of sharp on the edges so get them as short as you can without cutting them off or damaging the feathers.
step 4 attach second boa

Step 5: Attach the embellishments.
I decided that my skeleton would look adorable sitting on the frame with his leg propped up. This skeleton had joints which made attaching him with zip ties very easy. I attached him at the shoulder, legs, wrist on left side of wreath and top of the head to keep him stable. I circled the places I attached him on the picture.
attaching the skeleton

Next I pulled my Halloween picks apart so I could use the individual pieces. I made 3 bundles from the picks and attached 2 to the front of the frame and one to the back with more zip ties. (I zip tied the contents of each bundle together before attaching to the frame.) I spaced them out to give it an almost flame like appearance up the side of the wreath.

Once the picks were attached I wrapped the skeletons arm on top of the bottom pick and attached the skeletons wrist to that side of the wreath.
Attaching the picks

Attaching the sign was a bit trickier and I tried several things before I found what worked best. I lined the metal rod up with the back of the inner frame circle and zip tied it in 2 places to hold it steady. I then hot glued his hand to the sign so it appears as if he is resting his arm on the Happy Halloween sign.
attach small sign

To finish the wreath I hot glued sparkly pom poms here and there to give the look of polka dots.
Add sparkly pom pom

Step 6: Hang that wreath on your front door. Take a step back and look at the bad-ass wreath your just created!
completed wreath
wreath on front door

Be sure to leave a comment with a picture of the wreath you create. I’d love to see what you come up with!

Love, Cassie





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