Three Kids. One Bedroom.

I guess it was about 2 months ago that my kids asked if we could move them all into one room. You see, previously the boys had one room and November had the other. November slept on a toddler mattress in their floor almost every night because she wanted to sleep in the room with her brothers.

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My Kids Are Wild And That’s OK

I am the parent who has 3 strong willed, wild ass kids. The parent who feels your stare and hears your whispers. I am the parent who feels like they need an extra set of hands and eyes in the back of their heads in order to keep up with the kids. The parent who gets tired of breaking up stupid pointless fights. I am the parent who is trying to get their kid to play the quiet game just to get 30 seconds of chill in a day full of crazy. I am the parent who raises their voice to reiterate how important it is to not stand up in the shopping cart. I am the parent who is slowly learning that my kids are who they are and a book of nitpicking rules and punishments aren’t going to calm them down. The parent who needs a break and isn’t afraid to ask for help. I am the parent doing the best they can to raise happy kids who aren’t afraid of being themselves. And, I am the parent who doesn’t give one shit what you think about it.

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4 Battles I Choose NOT to Pick With My Kids

“Pick your battles, Cassie.” It’s one of those nuggets of parenting advice I’ve heard from my mom many times over the last 8 years. I used to think it wasn’t very good advice and that I didn’t need advice from my mother, however, life as a parent has a way of teaching you that you really should listen to at least SOME of the advice your parents give you. I’m not saying all the advice you get is good advice, but this particular piece is one I wish I had listened too a lot sooner.

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The Making of a Modern Day Freak Show

I can see it now, “Attention please, quite down and prepare yourself to witness the unimaginable! The Jacobs Family Freak Show will amaze and astound you! In the tent to my right you will see the beautiful mergirl November dance through the water. In the tent to my left you can witness the thing nightmares are made of…Silas, an evil walking, talking dummy! And behind us, in the big top, come and see the main attraction, but hold on to your neck because this blood-sucking pair is hungry!”

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6 Reasons You Need a Date Night

One thing I hate is seeing one mom belittle another for wanting time away from the kids. These moms get called selfish. They get treated like expecting a few hours alone or with another adult is some how abandoning your children and will permanently mess them up. They...

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