Easy Creamy Pasta Salad Recipe

I am a pasta-holic, seriously, just feed me all the pasta. This creamy pasta salad recipe is super easy and tastes even better after it's been in the fridge overnight. I'll eat it for pretty much ever meal until it's all gone, it's that good. This recipe is great for...

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Beer & Butter Cajun Roasted Turkey

OMG Y'all! I roasted a turkey! This is the first time I've roasted a turkey and, in all honesty, this is only the second turkey I've ever cooked. The last one was fried (and it was freaking delicious) thanks to getting an indoor turkey fryer on super clearance at Home...

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Easy Peasy Baked Mac-n-Cheesy Recipe

If you are looking for the ultimate in easy comfort food, look no further. This easy mac and cheese recipe pairs perfectly with a warm blanket and Netflix on a cool fall evening (now that sounds like the perfect Netflix and chill). I love it with meatloaf and black-eyed peas on New Years or with Turkey and Ham at Thanksgiving. You really can’t go wrong with this dish and everyone will love it, even that kid in the other room who doesn’t eat anything other than nuggets and fries. If me bragging about how delicious it is isn’t enough for you get this, it only has 3 real ingredients. Yeah, that’s right, THREE.

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Ultimate Graveyard Bleeding Bones Halloween Cupcake Recipe

I have had so many Halloween cupcake ideas swirling around in my head and couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. That was solved when when I saw these amazing bone sprinkles at Hobby Lobby. I instantly knew what kind of cupcakes I needed to make. I mean, what’s more fun than waking up to graveyard cupcakes that are full of ‘bleeding bones’? I’m pretty sure my kids will answer that question with as resounding “Nothing!”

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Free Printable Thanksgiving Menu Planner

If you are anything like me then you need all the help that you can get staying  organized for the holidays. I can never remember who's coming or what I'm supposed to be cooking for Thanksgiving so I decided to create a simple printable Thanksgiving menu planner to...

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Hearty & Cheesy Bacon Burger Potato Soup

Do you love potato soup? What about bacon cheeseburgers? I mean, who doesn’t love those two things? Around here, both of these meals are something I can get my kids to eat without a fight, which is always a plus in my book. This soup recipe marries the two together to form the ultimate, cool weather comfort food

Basically, if you like cheese burgers, bacon and potatoes and you don’t mind spending a few minutes in the kitchen then you are going to LOVE this hearty, cheesy potato soup!

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