Picture of Cassie

Mom to a pack of feral kids

Hey, I’m Cassie, welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. I am a potty-mouthed wife and mother to a pack of three feral kids and a slew of animals. I also run our small business, home school the kids and fail miserably at keeping the house neat and tidy. In my free time (what the hell is that) I enjoy laying on the couch in my pajamas while eating cold pizza and binge watching Doctor Who. When I’m not dealing with my little monsters, cooking or attempting to clean I also love to craft. Glitter is my friend.

Quit Hitting Your Sister is here to share what I know about being a mom.

Just a sample of the exciting things I do to pass the time

  • Cleaning the house only to turn around and see a bigger mess
  • Making food my 8 year old refuses to try
  • Driving my kids around to music lessons, soccer, the park….
  • Being crafty
  • Homeschool
  • Binge watching Netflix
The Spousal Unit

The Spousal Unit


The Oldest


The Middle One


The Princess


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